Snapdeal Complaints

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Service? You’re joking!

Snapdeal will only deal on their terms.  You can be in the right, and Snapdeal will be sorry.  Very sorry.  Apologies all over the place.  But they won’t do anything apart from apologise.

Snapdeal is a very sorry company.

So sorry

I ordered and received a microscope on Snapdeal.

Last Sunday 17 May the courier company, Delhivery, sent me an SMS in the morning to advise that my item would be delivered during that day (Sunday).  About an hour later Delhivery sent me another SMS saying that the delivery was attempted but that they could not deliver it.

On Monday Delhivery sent me another SMS saying that the item would be delivered during that day (Monday).  Again, Delhivery sent me an SMS saying that delivery had been attempted but they were unable to deliver it.  Before I could even phone to complain about the lies (as I had remained home all day on Sunday and on Monday specially for the delivery) a courier arrived with the item.

I paid the COD and took the item inside.  The outer packing had some slight damage, but not enough to indicate any damage inside.  I opened the plastic pouch, and there was a corrugated cardboard box inside, lined with 1/2″ polystyrene.  It was slightly crushed, but the second corrugated cardboard box inside the polystyrene packing showed only very slight crushing on one corner.

I opened the inner box, and the microscope was inside a Styrofoam inner packing specially shaped for the microscope.

This Styrofoam showed a lot of cracks, from the inside, not from outside.  When I took the microscope out, the base was almost falling off, the eyepiece housing was loose, and there were loose screws and a washer and a plastic vent loose in the box.

Examination of the base through the vent hole showed a transformer which had been ripped apart.  The only way this could have happened is if the box was dropped from a great height, as the damage was caused by the mass of the microscope moving fast and coming to a sudden stop.

Snapdeal will not give a replacement until they have taken the microscope back.  As they have already taken my money, I disagree.  They should send somebody to bring a replacement and take the damaged goods at the same time.

Delhivery may well be responsible for the damage.  The seller may well be responsible for replacing the microscope.  However, I did not deal with either of these two parties.  My only dealing was with Snapdeal, and it is therefore Snapdeal who must make restitution.

Snapdeal deny all liability, insisting that it is up to the supplier and the courier company to make restitution.

WARNING: Do not buy from Snapdeal.  They are very happy to take your money.  They are very happy to say ‘Sorry.’  But that’s as far as they will go.


Snapdeal – liars, promise breakers

Snapdeal advertise a promise – if you’re not satisfied with the quality of a product, they will arrange for pickup.

When a customer asked them to pick up a digital video projector because the quality was not good enough – not for a refund, mind you – but to exchange for a more expensive item – Snapdeal reneged on their promise.

Snapdeal, it’s a CRAPdeal