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Many small and medium enterprises (SME) are afraid of using documentary credit such as Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees because of the complexity in getting a Letter of Credit, or fearing that it is too expensive. While it is certainly a complex procedure, why not let our experts…

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We provide Letters of Credit (L/C), Stand-by Letters of Credit (SBLC), Proof of Funds (POF) and Bank Guarantees (BG). If you need a Letter of Credit or a Stand-by Letter of Credit, we are here to help.  The various documents are used in the import-export trade to ensure smooth international transactions…

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In addition to documentary credit, there are other consideraitons when dealing internationally. We can help with the bewildering array of acronyms and terms in INCOTERMS 2010 and the UCP-600 (Universal Customs and Practice of Documentary Credit (effective 2007).  Our experts will examine your proposal, and …

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About Us

We have partnered with a wide range of banks and financial institutions to provide documentary credit and other documents required by importers and exporters, and anybody else involved in international commerce.  We  can assist your business, no matter where you are located in….

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Winning Ideas For Your Busines Growth

Many small and medium enterprises would like to make their business grow, and it is usually a matter of finance which holds them back.  Tieing up the business’s money in a large import deal can cripple a medium enterprise, and can be the end of a small enterprise.  Bad weather, strikes, political turmoil and other unforseen events can cause delays in shipping.  This means that the expected time-line blows out, causing extra financial strain on the business.  That is where we can help, with Letters of Credit and/or Bank Guarantees.  The majority of international trade companies, especially SME, do not benefit from these advantages as Letter of Credit is one of the most complex fields in international trade. Unfortunately not every company is able to hire an LC expert to deal with LCs professionally. That is why we founded LC Consultancy Services. We supply the best LC expertise available to international trade companies, especially SME, with unbelievably competitive prices.

The most commonly used documents in international trade are:

Letters of Credit (L/C)

Bank Guarantees (BG)

Stand-by Letters of Credit (SBLC)

Proof of Product (POP)

Proof of Funds (POF)

Proof of Assets (POA)

Have you ever considered using Documentary Credit, but decided against it for reasons such as:

  • No clear idea how LCs work
  • Lack of professional staff to handle LCs
  • Rejection of your documents by banks
  • Discrepancies that have been found on your documents so they cannot be fixed for timely presentation
  • Discrepancy fees arising from incorrect documentation
  • The fear of not getting paid at all due to discrepancies in documents

Our experts and the experts in the bank or financial institution will handle all of the complex procedures and documents, and ensure that your deal will be successful.  If they conclude that there is no risk to you as the buyer or seller, then they will proceed with issuing the Documentary Credit documents relevant to your situation.

Documentary Credit is the transfer of money or guarantee of performance by using a Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee or Stand-by Letter of Credit.

We can help small and medium enterprises (SME) to increase their trading abilities without greatly affecting their cashflow. We also offer assistance with other requirements for buyers such as Proof of Funds and Proof of Product. Contact us today to ask about your requirements.

To take advantage of our services is quite simple.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or ask any questions.  We will answer your questions within 36 hours (to allow for different time zones around the world.  All services begin with an application form.  To get our application forms, download here.


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